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Carbon Countdown Sustainability   Policy


Origination   Date:

15   July 2012




Dave   Baxter




Version No: 2




Mary   Murphy





Revision   Date:

11   April 2012

Next   Revision:

30   September 2012


 Number   of Pages: 2






Sustainability Policy Statement



  1. We aim to reduce our own footprint as we assist others to reduce theirs.


  1. We aim to minimise our use of  fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources and to increase our use of renewable energy.


  1. We aim for zero-waste-to-landfill as individuals and as a company by 2012.


  1. We aim to support local economies by specifically procuring goods, services, and personnel from within a      20km radius of our office, where possible.


  1. We aim to keep informed and updated on international best practice so we can improve our own.


  1. We support a vision of an equitable world where all living creatures are sustained and can achieve their full potential.


  1. We commit to finding out where stuff comes from and where stuff goes to so we can encourage and build cyclical approaches to resources.


  1. We aim to review and renew our policy commitments every six months.


  1. We commit to paying salaries that facilitate health, education, and well-being.

Policy Agreed

Dave Baxter: Member Carbon Countdown

Mary Murphy: Member Carbon Countdown